PT. Pelindo Marine Service, performed short course named The Specialist Course of Malacca Strait Pilotage that’s held at VIP Room Surabaya North Quay on 2nd and 3rd May 2019.

This event was opened by Mr. Eko Hariyadi Budianto as a President Director of PT. Pelindo Marine Service and followed by 40 Pilots of Pelindo III.

The Specialist Course of Malacca Strait Pilotage invited special trainer directly from StrasseLink Pte Ltd, Capt. Khaja Shaukat Ali, Capt. Fadzlon Ahmad, and Mr. Muhammad Danial.

Opening Ceremony of Specialist Course on Malacca Strait Pilotage

The training was continued with assesment for Pilot as preparation to join the advance training by the StrasseLink on Malacca strait Pilotage and closed by signing of business agreement betwen PT. Pelindo Marine Service and StrasseLink for Malacca Strait Pilotage.

With this program, Pilots that assigned as Malacca Strait Pilot from Pelindo III will serve Malacca strait Pilotage with StrasseLink standards and training, besides their daily job as Pilot on PT. Pelindo III.

The program will include the advance training and real practice on board VLCC served by StrasseLink.